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As an integrated project management, design and construction company, PAD can manage all aspects of the project, from acquisition, design, construction, through till completion. PAD ensures that quality, design-intent and cost controls are achieved in each project by providing hands-on management. Our company structure aims to see the latest construction methodology utilising off-site solutions to reduce time, improve quality and have control of the materials used on site. We constantly looking forward to take on new challenges, collaborate with others, and push the residential development boundary to improve the delivery of each project.

Our combined experience in all work stages, combined with a fresh understanding and experience in digital fabrication, digital coordination and multidisciplinary practice gives us a youthful insight into the future of construction.



The structure of the company is unconventional to a traditional Developer and Architects practice. However, thanks to our broad perspective and experience across the different sectors of the construction industry we can achieve a leaner Property Development business model. With this model we can have full control over the 3 common markers for success: time, cost and quality.
As a developer with full control, we can focus on maximizing profit. With our own design and construction team we can be sure that all arms of the industry have the same incentive with a common goal. The goal is to deliver a good product.



Systematized pre-fabrication technology, parametric design and optimized/ scripted working methods are readily available to save time and reduce costs. However these resources are being underutilized. We do not intend to do the same... We argue that properties should be integrated with technology as a standard.



We aim to use the latest construction methodology utilizing off-site solutions to reduce programme, improve quality and have control of the materials which are used on site. The company has strong design leverage with experience and access to pre-fabrication methods. This gives us a strong ability to reduce construction costs using modern methods of construction.

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